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China 299B

China 299B Electronic Reliability Prediction
The China 299B standard is a reliability prediction program based on the internationally recognized method of calculating electronic equipment reliability given in the Chinese Military Standard GJB/z 299B. This standard uses a series of models for various categories of electronic, electrical and electro-mechanical components to predict failure rates that are affected by environmental conditions, quality levels, stress conditions and various other parameters.

The China 299B standard is similar in structure to the MIL-HDBK-217-F model. It provides a parts count analysis which is intended for use in the development phase, and a parts stress analysis which can only be made when the product prototype has been tested. Power stress, environmental and quality factors are all included in the model.

The standard is generally used to satisfy customer procurement requirements which may be a gating factor for market entry, but is also a useful product development tool.

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