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mechanical parts

Mechanical parts
Mechanical parts can also be included in the reliability predictions. There are two basic sources that we use, in addition to available field data.

The NSWC Handbook
The Naval Surface Warfare Center Handbook contains twenty-three chapters of information with equations, engineering tables and procedures for estimating the reliability of a mechanical design for the intended operating environment. Handbook procedures are used to determine the reliability of fundamental components such as springs, bearings, seals and gaskets. These component applications are then expanded to subassemblies such as valves, actuators and pumps and then to the system level. Equations in the Handbook include parameters for material properties, operating conditions and stress levels at each equipment indenture level providing a full reliability, maintainability and availability analysis at the system, assembly and component indenture levels.

Non-Electronic Parts Reliability data 1995 was sponsored by the US Department of Defence. The data provides failure rates for a wide variety of items, including mechanical and electromechanical parts and assemblies. The document provides detailed failure rate data on over 25,000 parts for numerous part categories grouped by environment and quality level. The environments addressed include the same ones covered by MIL-HDBK-217-F, however data is often limited for some environments and specific part types. For these cases it is necessary to use the estimates provided which make use of all data available for a broader class of parts and environments.

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