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RDF 2000

RDF 2000 Predictive Method
RDF 2000 is a reliability data handbook developed by the French telecommunications industry. This standard provides reliability prediction models for a range of electronic components using cycling profiles and applicable phases as a basis for failure rate calculations.

The RDF 2000 method provided a unique approach to handle mission profiles in the failure rate prediction. Component failure is defined in terms of an empirical expression containing a base failure rate that is multiplied by factors influenced by mission profiles. These mission profiles contain information about how the component failure rate may be affected by operational cycling, ambient temperature variation and/or equipment switch on/off temperature variations.

RDF 2000 disregards the wearout period and the infant mortality stage of product life based on the assumption that, for most electronic components, the wearout period is never reached because new products will replace the old ones before the wearout occurs. Although the standard has been largly superceded by IEC 62380 it is still used occasionally to provide comparative MTBF figures for older equipment.

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