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Reliability Prediction and MTBF

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MIL-HDBK-217-F HDBK 217Plus Telcordia SR-332 IEC 62380 RDF 2000 China-299B N+1 Redundancy Mechanical Safety Testing. EMC. Reliability

Reliability Prediction

Reliability calculation and MTBF prediction for electrical equipment and machinery is a service that we have provided for over 20 years. Various models and prediction methods have evolved over time, and we have extensive experience in the practical application of each model. In addition, we have spreadsheets and component data libraries for every type of component, and can rapidly introduce environmental, electrical stress and component quality factors to simulate the true working life of any system.

When the MTBF of a system is known, the probability of failure within a given time period can be calculated. This includes cases where the system is tolerant of a single failure due to circuit redundancy, or N+1 redundancy. MTBF or Mean Time Between Failure, is the average elapsed time between two failures of a repairable system.

MTBF prediction is used most frequently in product development. The system architect will need to know the reliability of each element, and will use reliability data as one of the criteria. Publishing the reliability or MTBF figure can enhance the product profile, particularly when a military or high-end commercial applications is the target. It can also be used to identify potential weaknesses in a design, before it is built, or to compare one design with another.

Reliability Models
We are currently active in supporting R&D, design and manufacture in the following reliability models;

  • MIL-HDBK-217-F

  • HDBK 217Plus

  • Telcordia SR332 ( Bellcore )

  • IEC 62380

  • RDF 2000

  • China 299B

  • NPRD-95 and NSWC-98 ( mechanical )

Our service includes a comprehensive technical report, however a summary for management purposes is always available, to provide an overview without the mathematics. We also engage in problem solving and failure analysis, because we have both design and manufacturing experience in our team. Practical and cost effective improvements are a frequent result of our evaluations.

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