The EMC Directive

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The EMC Directive - 2014/30/EU

EMC Consultancy
There are two ways of meeting the EMC requirements. The one of you are probably familiar with is EMC testing. It can be expensive, but sometimes that's the only way. Allied Approvals have a worked with most of the UK EMC test houses over the years, and can quickly find the best one for your project. There are a number of technical factors to consider, it's not all about cost. Not all EMC test houses offer the same service level and without experience it is difficult to compare 'like for like'.

The Customer Test Plan
This document is your best tool for keeping control over your EMC costs. If you are unfamiliar with the customer test plan, we can give you practical assistance. Test criteria are intended for customers to decide, not test houses. If you approach an EMC test house with a professional customer test plan, you get the testing you need - not every single test in the book !

The Technical Construction File

Technical Construction File TCF The EMC Directive - 2014/30/EU provides the alternative TCF route for situations where full testing is not the best option, or economically realistic.

There are many possible reasons for choosing the TCF route. Cost is one consideration of course, but there are other valid reasons.

- Single piece of equipment
- In-house use only
- Modified equipment
- Multiple model listings
- Fixed installations
- EMC standards not fully compatible.

Whatever your reasons for considering the TCF route, our assistance is available, at the level you require. We can provide a complete package of all the documents you need, or a half-day consultancy session just to get you started.

Meeting the EMC Directive need not be such a trying experience, so give us a call - and let us help you to conform with the law - without breaking the bank.

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